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Deben Diagnostics range of low cost Rapid Latex Test Kits

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Strep A Latex Kit  50 tests 

A 10 minute latex slide agglutination test for direct detection of Group A Streptococci, obtained from the pharynx of patients with upper respiratory infection.



Strep B Latex Kit  50 tests 

Direct 10 minute latex slide agglutination test for  the identification of pregnant women at risk of passing Group B streptococcal infections to infants.


Strep Grouping Kit 50 tests 

Contains slide latex agglutination reagents for grouping the four major streptococci: A, B, C and G.



We can also supply Group A (T-Typing) Antisera and Group B Streptococci Typing Antisera and Streptococcus pneumoniae antisera. Please contact us for further details



Salmonella Latex Kit 30 tests

Screening for the presence of Salmonella isolated from food and clinical specimens by slide latex agglutination test using highly specific antibodies against salmonella H (flagellar antigen).


Please our large range of Salmonella Typing Antisera



E. coli O157 Latex Kit 30 tests

LPS antigen extraction procedure based on a colony sweep method from selective media for more sensitive and cost effective screening, giving results in as little as 10 minutes. The risk of laboratory infection is decreased while increasing specificity for colony sweeping and direct stool screening when acute infection is suspected 


Please see our range of Escherichia coli Typing Antisera



MRSA Latex Test Kit 50 tests

A slide latex agglutination test using a highly specific monoclonal antibody for the detection of penicillin binding protein 2' (PBP2'), The test can be performed in 10 - 15 minutes from one loopful of bacterial cells taken from a blood agar plate.


Staph aureus Latex Kit 100 Test

 Differentiation os S. aureus from other staphylococcal bacteria is possible in two minutes with this rapid slide latex kit, this kit serves as a perfect compliment to the above MRSA Kits. Latex particles sensitised with fibrinogen and rabbit plasma are used in this test.


We can also supply a range of Staphylococcal Coagulase Typing Antisera.

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 Vibrio cholerae O1 Latex Kit 50 Tests

 The Vibrio cholerae O1 Latex kit contains three separate latex reagents for typing / detecting V.cholerae O1: reagent A is a suspension of latex particles coated with a monoclonal antibody to a cell wall antigen of V.cholerae serogroups O1 strains and reagents B and C are used for subtyping.



Please see our range of V. cholerae Typing Antisera


ASO Latex Kit 50 / 100 tests 

 The ASO (Antistreptolysin O titre) test is primarily used to help determine whether a person has had a recent streptococcal infection



RF Latex Kit 50 / 100 tests 

 The RF (Rheumatoid factor) test is primarily used to help diagnose rheumatoid arthritis or Sjorgren's syndrome and to help distinguish them from other forms of arthritis or other conditions that cause similar symptoms.


CRP Latex Kit 50 / 100 tests

While the CRP (C-reactive protein) test is not specific enouygh to diagnose a particular disease, it does serve as a general marker for infection and inflammation. It is used to monitor wound healing and to monitor patients who have had surgery as an early detection system for possible infections


























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