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Deben Diagnostics range of Syphilis Test kits

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 VDRL Carbon Antigen



 RPR Kit

 100 Test


 RPR Kit

 500 Test



 100 Test



 200 Test


 Syphilis Device S/P/WB

 40 Test

                 90155  Syphilis EIA  IgG, IgM                   96 Test
                 90156  Syphilis EIA IgG , IgM                192 Test
                 90157  Syphilis EIA IgG , IgM                480 Test

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Deben Diagnostics RPR Kit 100 Test

Deben Diagnostics TPHA Kit 100 Test

Syphilis is caused by the spirochetal bacterium Treponema pallidum. There are four stages of syphilis infection: Primary, Secondary, Latent and Tertiary, and a special condition of maternal-fetal transmission termed congenital syphilis. Immune responses to syphilis can be grouped into two categories: non-specific (or reaginic) and specific.


The non- specific is of the IgM class  and reacts with an alcoholic extract of beef heart known as cardiolipin.

Since the reaginic antibody lacks specificity, it shows up many other conditions and disease states unrelated to treponemal infection. In these cases false positive reactions can occur. Specific antibodies to treponemes (both T. pallidum and to non pathogenic treponemes) of the normal bacterial flora of the oral or genital tract can also develop. These antibodies are of IgG class and remain detectable throughout the life of the patient despite treatment.


Deben Diagnostics Limited offers a comprehensive range of routine tests for syphilis.


The RPR ( Rapid Plasma Reagin) test kit - a non treponemal test that detects antibody at all stages of infection. Usually used as a first line screen


The TPHA ( Treponema Pallidum Haemagglutination Assay)

This test is used as a confirmation of syphilis. The TPHA kit is a serological test that detects specific treponemal antibody at all stages of the infection.


The Syphilis EIA Tab  - This test is also used as a confirmation test. The Syphilis EIA test detects specific treponemal antibodies. It detects syphilis at all stages of the infection, has high specificity and sensitivity.



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